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IBM unveils many new features for serverless Cloud platform

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New features for serverless Cloud platform

ibm cloud

As you know IBM is working on several sectors in IT. Everytime in trend with any specific things. But now IBM has unveils many new features i.e. instant debugging with NodeJS, Python, Swift actions, integration with MessageHub and a Bluemix-hosted Apache Kafka service. These features are designed for OpenWhisk, the event driven an specially serverless computing platform built for its Bluemix public clud service. According to IBM, these features will help developers to debug their code faster, better integrate with third-party tools and support a broader range of programming languages. In these features, Integrated MessageHub and a Bluemix-hosted Apache Kafka service will used for real-time build outs of data pipelines and streaming apps.
Bill Karpovich (general manager for IBM Cloud) said :
“Since we’ve built OpenWhisk with open standards, it’s able to not only help resolve many problems associated with server management, but also gives developers the flexibility to pull in outside tools and data and run code wherever they choose.”

According to company these features will also include improved user interface to simplify browser-based development and testing.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) thinks like a Human, But actually not …!

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A reality of Artificial Intelligence


In world wide, modern technology companies are already in the competitions for Artificial Intelligence. When this technology comes in human life, humans life becomes very easy because lots of jobs are done by machines or robotics technology. And now human making AI robotic things that will almost like human or work like human.
But not actually human memory.

Why we called that AI thinks like human :

Actually, it will not thinks like human but not, because it is extremely better. Because the AI contains huge amount of programs or logic but these things do not make it human.

Why it’s good :

Lot of work can be handle by AI technology.
It saves lot of time and make everything easy.

Why it’s dangerous :

This technology might be dominate on human life which is very dangerous.
Wrong use of Artificial Intelligence cause harmful for any human, country or earth.

Want to check yourself that you are still in control of modern technology :

You can’t calculate quickly by yourself as compare to those people who don’t use calculator.
In modern days without technology, Maximum people can’t tells directions.
This is little review on Artificial Intelligence… It can be expand more but at last the conclusion will be – Don’t let AI technology dominate human life.

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Dell Unveils a new and first 8K Monitor

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Dell Unveils a new and first 8K Monitor


Dell is already top in Computer market. With this success, the Dell announced a new 8K monitor at CES in Las Vegas. This Monitor is 32-inch, 33.2 million pixels, 7680×4320 (QHD) of resolution with 280 PPI . This monitor also will support HDR and resolutions as high as 10K 120fps. Mainly this monitor is based on recent GPU technology. This Monitor offers 100 percent sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec709 color space coverage. This monitor gives output with 60Hz, 400cd/m2 brightness and 1300:1 contrast. The new dell 8k monitor also featured with 2 display port 1.3 connections, 4 USB  3.0 ports and 2.5mm audio output. Using Xrite software and hardware, you’ll be able to self-calibrate the monitor using calibrator connected to the USB port. Also, the main advanced feature in this monitor is it’s viewing angle i.e. 178-degree. According to Dell, the new monitor will be available for sale on the 23rd of March with a $5000 price tag. This price range is consider as very user friendly with this monitor, because this monitor is giving too much at less price.

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AMD is launching Ryzen 4 Core CPUs before March 3

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Soon AMD is launching Ryzen 4 Core CPUs

AMD Ryzen

Recently, AMD has reported that they are launching Ryzen 4 Core CPUs before March 3. These 4 core CPUs will Take On Intel’s i3 & i5. These processors are very power efficient coming in at a frugal power envelope of around 45 watts and also feature a base clock speed of 3.4GHz or higher.Also, Ryzen desktop CPUs will have 4MB of L2 cache as well as 16MB of L3 cache. The main purpose is to use the least amount of voltage required to run any given structure. This results in lower average power consumption and cooler operation. Those who are waiting for these processors, the talk to be given by AMD at the annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) said that
“join the AMD Game engineering team members for an introduction to the upcoming AMD Ryzen CPU followed by advanced optimization topics.” Also, the AMD suggest that “Learn about the Zen microarchitecture, CodeXL profiles and power management. Gain insight into code optimization opportunities using hardware performance-monitoring counters.”

AMD’s panel has not been given an exact time/date in the GDC schedule, so it could take place at any point in that time frame.

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Issue in MacBook Pro battery !!!

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MacBook Pro battery Issue !!!

macbook pro

Today, in latest MacBook Pros testing, according to consumer reports a bug in Safari browser in Developer mode that caused CR to have inconsistent battery life with ranging between 3.75 hours and 19.5 hours.
According to Apple “We asked Consumer Reports to run the same test using normal user settings,” and “they told us their MacBook Pro systems consistently delivered the expected battery life. We learned that when testing battery life on Mac notebooks, Consumer Reports uses a hidden Safari setting for developing web sites which turns off the browser cache. This is not a setting used by customers and does not reflect real-world usage,” Also the the Apple explaining that “Their use of this developer setting also triggered an obscure and intermittent bug reloading icons which created inconsistent results in their lab. After we asked Consumer Reports to run the same test using normal user settings, they told us their MacBook Pro systems consistently delivered the expected battery life. We have also fixed the bug uncovered in this test.”

Overall, if you are using Safari in Developer mode, try turning caching back on you may avoid the bug and see your battery perform as expected.

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Do you know some function key roles in your PC without pressing external key

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Function key roles in your PC without pressing external key

Function Keys

In daily life, maximum people used f2, f5, f10 function keys. But, mostly they do not used other function keys while these keys are very important or shortcuts for your daily work in PC.
Here, we’re are explaining function keys from 1 to 12 that will explain importance of these keys.

With F1 key :

  • User can enter in CMOS Setup
  • It is used as Help key
  • Used to open Task pane

With F2 key :

  • It is also used to enter CMOS Setup.
  • User can quickly rename the file or folder instead of right click.

With F3 key :

  • User can open Mission Control (in Apple’s MAC OS)
  • Used to repeat the last command in CLI mode of Windows
  • Used to find option

With F4 key :

  • Also used to find but only from Windows 95 to Windows XP
  • Used to repeat the last action performed in Word 2000+
  • It is used to open address bar in windows explorer.

With F5 key :

  • Used to refresh the list of contents in current directory or webpages.
  • Used to play slideshow in PowerPoint
  • Used to find, replace in some editors

With F6 key :

  • Used to jump to address bar in browsers.
  • Used to select option without mouse
  • Used to reduce speaker volume ( in some computers)

With F7 key :

  • Used to increase speaker volume ( in some computers)
  • Used for spell check or grammar check in some editors (e.g. MS Word, Outlook etc)

With F8 key :

  • Used to display thumbnail image for all work space (only in Apple’s MAC OS)
  • Used for Windows recovery system ( Windows installation Disk must be available)
  • Used to enter the windows startup menu (in safe mode)

With F9 key :

  • Used to Send/Receive Emails in Outlook
  • Used to display thumbnail image for all work space (only after MAC OS 10.3)
  • Used to Refresh document in Microsoft Word
  • Used to reduce the screen brightness (in some computers)

With F10 key :

  • Used to enter CMOS setup (Some Computers)
  • Used to Access the hidden recovery partition (Some computers)
  • Used to increase the screen brightness (in some computers)
  • Used to activates the menu bar of an open application

With F11 key :

  • Used to enter/exit full screen mode
  • Used to hide all open programs (only in after MAC OS 10.4)

With F12 key :

  • Used to save open files
  • Used to open Firebug or browser debug tool
  • Used to show or hide the Dashboard (only in after MAC OS 10.4)
  • Used to open Firebug or browser debug tool
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After Long time Nokia comes with its new phone Nokia 6

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Nokia comes with its new phone Nokia 6

Nokia 6


Few years ago, Nokia was the one of the success company in cellphone industries. But after some time the company was almost defunct. But after long time in December 2016 Nokia comes in headlines with their new handset Nokia 6. This handset of Nokia featured with Android operating system. It is first step of Nokia with Android. This handset featured with Android 7.0 Nougat and it supports a 5.5-inch full-HD display with a 1,920×1080-pixel resolution wrapped in 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The battery performance is also better because it has 3000mAh non removable battery. Also, the processor of this handset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 SoC. User can load lots of programs with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. The camera capability of this device is owsom i.e. 8.0 megapixel front and 16 megapixel rear camera.

With this model Nokia is expecting too much hope of success. Let’s see what happened with Nokia in modern technology device market.

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It’s time to watch new generation TVs called QLED TVs

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It’s time to watch new generation TVs called QLED TVs


In this week, Samsung announce its latest technology QLED TV. This technology is better than OLED technology. According to Samsung its Quantum Dot technology has been improved with a new metal material. This TV technology used light-emitting diode and Quantum Dot technology to deliver their picture. This new TVs reproduce 100 percent color volume in DCI-P3 color space. Also the viewing angles of this TV is better and the blacks appear deeper. The Samsung also comes with advanced smart remote system, and the Smart Hub 2.0 that connects with phones. Means the phone will also act as a remote. This feature will give user to select and start TV programs very easily . In this TV, a single, transparent cable was added that can be connected to peripheral devices to reduce messy wire concerns, and the TVs have a no-gap wall-mount.

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Netgear announced new ReadyNAS series to gives users 130TB of storage

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Netgear’s New ReadyNAS series



Netgear always appeared in headlines with new modems or routers. But now, this company is introducing new ReadyNAS 420 520 and 620 series. These new ReadyNAS series are very faster and provide five levels if unrivaled data protection. This series fetured with two 10 Gigabit connections and the 520 and 620 series support superior streaming capabilities for multiple 1K or single 4K streams. In ReadyNAS 620 series, the CPU is Intel D-1521 Quard Core 2.4GHz Xeon Hyperthreaded Server Processor that supports up to 120 users for optimized usage in high-demanding environments (large offices). In 520 series, Intel D-1508 Dual Core 2.2GHZ Server Processor allow growing businesses needing to store, share, and protect company data. In ReadyNAS 420, Intel Atom C3338 dual core processor allows for for high levels of networking throughput, enabling enterprise-grade file sharing and data backup.

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Apple’s click wheel iPhone prototype is now highlighted

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Apple’s click wheel iPhone prototype

Wheel Touchscreen

Apple always been highlight every year. In recent days apple iPhone 7 was mostly highlight news. But now Apple is announcing its click wheel iPhone prototype. This iPhone prototype had a touchscreen click wheel and iPod-based iPhone. its display split in two parts. A half part (bottom half) houses a virtual representation of the clicker wheel and a other half (top) displays the good old iPod UI, enhanced with a few phone features. It has familiar options for “Music” and “Games”. It was designed around an operating system called “Acorn OS”. In this device, “Dial” & “SMS” links allowing users to call numbers and send text messages. With this device, typing messages would’ve been tough.