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Canonical Announced Ubuntu Core 16 for the Internet of Things

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In IoT world, Canonical is mainly focusing on future technology. Recently, this company announce Ubuntu Core 16 for the Internet of Things. This core provide enhanced security than other.  This company has also manage the transition to IoT devices out in the field. The canonical company also providing app store support for connected devices, in which developers and users can sell or buy IoT software as easily as cloud, enterprise and mobile software.  This core version of Ubuntu confined security with read-only, tamper-proof application images. They are digitally signed that adds a critical importance to the integrity of IoT devices.

According to ubuntu : A white label app store helps device manufacturers build a branded, differentiated device and software experience, according to Ubuntu.

This version of Ubuntu Core promises smoother updates, and easier device set-up while the kernel and libraries in Core are the same as regular Ubuntu.

George Grey (Linaro CEO) said :

“The Internet of Things will see billions of devices in all aspects of our lives.Ubuntu Core 16 will help developers get their products to market quickly using snaps, bringing a new generation of Linux-based IoT smart devices to the market.”

Canonical’s founder, Mark Shuttleworth said :

“With traditional Windows and Linux, you end up with thousands of files spread across the disk. It is hard to tell where they all came from. That is very convenient for developers, because it allows them to mix and match pieces of software very easily. But it is inconvenient if you are operating many millions of devices,.”

Instead, in this core version of Ubuntu the Operating System and kernel are delivered as Snaps, and then any application that the device requires is downloaded to the device as a self-contained Snap. This process allows transactionality on the IoT devices. It allows the devices to update without consumer interaction.

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