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SEO Link Building (Backlinks) helps in traffic growth when your targeted keyword ranked on top. In link building strategy, we will create links your website from other websites that will give a preference to your website. Search Engines (like Google, Bing etc) will evaluate those backlinks and give a push in ranking according to the various facts (such as relevancy, competition, Search volume, type etc.).

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What is Off page-SEO? Off Page-SEO is the set of actions that are applied from outside without using internal access of the website or any websites related consoles (such as google webmaster console or other). These actions help in website ranking. The Off-page-SEO activities could be through audience or by yourself.
What is Link Building or Backlinks? Link building is the strategy to create links from third party websites to your websites. It helps to navigate the Traffic from other websites to your website. The Backlinks sources could be anything such as blogs, articles, social media, documents and many things.
How the Link Building or Backlinks helps in Ranking? The Links your created to your website are giving a preference to your websites. The Search engine algorithms (such as google, Bing or other major search engine) evaluate this preference according to the types of links and push the website page rank to higher in search engines.
What is Link Baiting? Link baiting are the links that you did not create by yourself but generated naturally by audience in other websites. It is only possible if your website content is valuable to them then obviously, they will share your content in many places, that’s how you earn the links.
What is DA (Domain Authority)? DA (Domain Authority) is the Search engine ranking points. This ranking score standard was founded by Moz company. The range of these score points are between 1 to 100. The Score points are varying according to the matrix system such as the number of website links you got with random number of DA scores, and random number DA scored website linked to those websites- those linked to your website.
What are the Activities in Off page-SEO? The Activities of Off page SEO are link building, social media, branding. These activities include all types of sources such as images, texts, videos, audios, documents.
What are the activities in SEO Link building or Backlinks? The activities of SEO Link building are blogs, articles, social media, bookmarking, forum posting, and many more.

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