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With latest updates driver, HP fixes keylogger issue

HP Drivers updates with recent windows update

Hp Keylogger

After December 2015 now HP has updated its audio drivers to fix the keylogger situation that was discovered last week. As you know, A keylogger records all of a computer user’s keystrokes, including things like passwords, and saves the information to a local file. The fix for the HP keystroke logging security flaw has been issued with a Windows update released on Friday for the following 2016 HP PC models includes ProBook, EliteBook and Zbook.
HP company statement is :
“Our supplier partner developed software to test audio functionality prior to product launch and it should not have been included in the final shipped version”.
Also, Mike Nash (HP’s Vice President) said
“The keystroke logging code was a debugging code that must have been left unintentionally by Conexant, the company that made the audio driver for HP’s PC models, and it should never have been included on shipping PCs. The company never had any intention to include that software or record user’s keystroke data. It was something that was there in development process and should have been removed”.

If you haven’t received any updates of HP drivers, in order to get the update you can visit and search for the latest audio driver for your device model.

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