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Samsung announced new UHD monitor with HDR technology

Samsung’s new UHD monitor with HDR technology


A good news for game lovers, Samsung has just announced the CHG90, 49 inches super ultra-wide monitor. It is an impressive new line of QLED displays aimed at “virtual competition” and set to “deliver the ultimate gaming experience”. The CHG90’s 49-inch measurement refers to width, not diagonal screen size. So what you get is an eyebrow-raising 32:9 aspect ratio and a 3,840-by-1,080 resolution, which is equivalent to two full HD displays placed side by side. According to several tech experts, the curved 49-inch display will be the widest monitor on the market and mostly liked by hardcore gamer. With 49 inches, Samsung also announced 27 and 32 inches monitors. These all three monitors are HDR enabled and utilize Samsung’s pioneering Quantum Dot Standard. Currently, the price of 49-inches monitor is $1499, $699 of 32 inches and $599 of 27-inches.

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