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Dell could merge with VMware Company

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VMware could buy Dell

VMware Dell

As you know the Dell company has been a privately run from 2012 to onward. But now according to CNBC reports the Dell company will no more privately. The VMware admitted that they could buy Dell in biggest tech deal ever. CNBC report admitted that Dell is exploring a “reverse merger” with VMware and it would let the resulting company go public without having to launch a new stock offering. It would also let Dell pay off some of its roughly USD $50 billion in debt. VMware shares fell nearly 13% in mid-day trading on Monday after published this story by CNBC. While Dell may also pursue a more traditional initial public offering, said the people, a reverse merger would allow the company to avoid a new public offering. The situation isn’t completely cheerful going into 2018, Dell posted a USD $941 million net loss in its latest quarter, due in part to paying off USD $1.7 billion of its debt. Dell hasn’t decided on a strategic option and is also considering several other paths forward like buying the remaining stake of VMware it doesn’t own, including an IPO, buying the remaining VMware shares it doesn’t own, or buying other unnamed companies. The CNBS report also said : If Dell were to sell itself to VMware, Dell CEO Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake would receive VMware shares that they could then sell to the public market.

Source: CNBC

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The OROSK is expanding its network

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OROSK is coming with more technology information

orosk information

As you know OROSK always provide the technology information to their visitors. But do you know, it was just a information technology website in starting days. Because, several people were suggest OROSK to fetch technology term but on those days we could only write about information technology. As you know information technology is a part of technology category. After at all four years later, the OROSK company decide to fetch information about whole technology. Sunil Kumar “Chairman/Founder of OROSK” said –

“Technology is a huge category, so it could take few months to establish and expanding. In future, the OROSK will be the huge source of technology information whether it’s machinery, astronomy, soft robotics or other technology. “

Right now, the OROSK’s official website just giving basic technology information to everyone, but according to the sources the company would be highlighted in next year. Because, this company is coming with great plan next year. The OROSK fans also waiting for that moment when the company will coming with its plan. Currently, the OROSK is giving two kinds of offers to users. First, investment opportunity for users that will closing soon. Second, giving Press Release or any technology product promotion for just USD $20 initial that could also closing soon.

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Cryptocurrency hackers using YouTube advertisements to target users

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Hackers targeting users computers for mining

Crypto HackersAfter 2009, the cryptocurrency era is moving rapidly towards future cryptocurrency technology, new cryptocurrency created everyday, people becoming rich to poor, poor to rich everyday. But, in between these all things obviously the thieves or you can say hackers are also in the list, these hackers are always using different ideas to steal money from people everyday whether its phishing things or any malicious program.
But what happened who don’t know about cryptocurrencies, mining, all these digital currency terms ? May be some smart guys know about cryptocurrency but still don’t believe to go in digital currency zone and stay away from this network.
Mostly people don’t hate Google advertisements whether its in other website or in YouTube instead of popup or malicious ads. But what happened if Google ads in YouTube will advertise phishing URL or phishing website? Shocking huh…..!!!
Yeah… that’s true. The issue is believed to have first come to light last week when users of the Google owned video website reported that watching ads on YouTube was triggering their anti-virus software. This advertisement had contained mining code called “CoinHive” that were acting as malware attack by secretly using up to 80 per cent of visitors’ computers CPU to mine cryptocurrencies for Unknown hackers. In simple words, these idiot hackers were using your computers for mining. The Trend micro company also admitted that the hackers were making use of Google’s own DoubleClick ad network to distribute the adverts to YouTube users in select countries around the world. The script running on YouTube was used to mine Monero cryptocurrency. But now Google is more sensitive against these kind of ads and these kind of ads activity are now disabled. There are also other standard advertisement platforms that also fears about these kind of activity over advertising. In future, Google advertising network would be more strict for advertising whether its in websites or YouTube. Because every year Google updated its policies for future expandability and security.

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AWS expand its availability zone in Asia

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Third Availability Zone of AWS Asia Pacific Region Singapore

AWS 3rd

As you know AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the giant service provider in cloud computing platforms. The AWS is a best choice of thousands of developers. To prevent complexity or many issues in future company announced the opening of a third Availability Zone in the Singapore as AWS Asia Pacific Region to support the rapid growth of the AWS customer base in Asia Pacific that covered several countries. With this announcement, several customers, small or big business companies will be more happy because the new Availability Zone will allow customers already using AWS with more choice, flexibility, and even higher reliability.
Nick Walton, managing director of AWS in ASEAN, noted that Singapore’s third availability zone is the company’s response to demand from local customers and APN (Amazon Partner Network) partners, so he said :

“For many years, an enthusiastic base of customers across Southeast Asia have chosen to build their businesses on AWS because it offers more functionality than other cloud platforms, including a wide array of database, internet of things and machine learning technologies, as well as an extensive APN partner and customer ecosystem, and unmatched maturity, security and performance.”

For this expandability by Amazon the Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Singapore Airlines Mr. George Wang said :

“We at Singapore Airlines have been progressively enhancing our digital capabilities with significant investments to support our digital transformation. Our data analytics platform and award-winning mobile app are already hosted by AWS, and we will soon be moving our website to it in line with our cloud first strategy. We are therefore very pleased that AWS is boosting its commitment to this region with the 3rd availability zone, which will boost its resilience and help support growth of our digital platforms.”

With this expandability the Amazon expecting too much things for future technology and it is possible.

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Now say bye to annoying advertisements through Google tool

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Google rolling out a new tool against annoying ads

Annoying Ads

Everybody hates annoying ads loaded websites when user open these kind of website. In computers it could be handle but while these annoying ads open in mobile phones then it become worse to everyone. Sometimes people scared because of annoying ads activities like phone vibrating itself, strange sounds, unable to access other features etc. In the case of Google ads, these are not too much annoying but still google care about the users choice and rolling out a new tool that will enable users to mute reminder ads in apps and on websites that partner with the company to show the ads. These tool would be much helpful to stop annoying ads activities over user’s device. Google plans to expand the new tool to control ads on YouTube, Search, and Gmail in the coming months, Jon Krafcik, group product manager for data privacy and transparency wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Jon Krafcik, group product manager for data privacy and transparency at Google, said:

“You visit Snow Boot Co’s website, add a pair of boots to your shopping cart, but you don’t buy them because you want to keep looking around. The next time that you’re shopping online, Snow Boot Co might show you ads that encourage you to come back to their site and buy those boots”.
Also he said “Reminder ads like these can be useful, but if you aren’t shopping for Snow Boot Co’s boots anymore, then you don’t need a reminder about them. A new control within Ads Settings will enable you to mute Snow Boot Co’s reminder ads.”

The new feature is an addition to Google’s ad-muting tools that have been around since 2012 that allow users to hide specific unwanted ads or advertisers. But there are several different ads publisher website companies that could be create a new idea to publish annoying ads in user device. These kinds of things sometimes are not detected by any ad-blocking tool systems. Because these companies just want revenue from user’s device by illegal way, they don’t care about people what they like or not. But still we hope, soon these kind of stuff could be completely blocked someday by someone or a any company.

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Visbit announced Vive Focus with 8K video player

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Vive Focus with 8K video player


As you know the HTC Vive is well known for its Virtual Reality Products. Visbit is teaming up with HTC to announced the launch of its new 8K VR Player, which allows for 8K playback on the VIVE FOCUS while being flexible in terms of internet connectivity. The main impressive thing about this VR is Visbit’s View-Optimized Viewing (VVOS) technology, which displays such high resolutions without the framerate issues that tend to plague VR. Also, it will make use of spatial audio and video encryption, which will help copyright holders protect their IP. The company plans on offering an offline publishing tool that will enable users to demo their own content using the 8K VR Player in the future.

Do you know ?
According to Visbit record, the company raised $3.2 million in December 2016 for its VVOS technology that used to stream 360-degree VR videos for mobile. It managed to achieve extremely low latency, and its videos can play at 4K to 12K resolution, which is too good…!!

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Linus Torvalds is against Intel’s Spectre And Meltdown Patches

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Linus Torvalds said Intel’s Spectre And Meltdown Patches, “Garbage And Insane”


The father of Linux Mr. Linus Torvalds now on tech headlines due to their words against Intel’s Spectre And Meltdown Patches. Because he is not happy about the patches that Intel has developed to protect the Linux kernel from the Spectre and Linux flaws. For these patches, he criticised differences in the way and called it “Garbage And Insane”. If you don’t know about Spectre and Meltdown, these are design flaws in modern CPUs which could allow hackers to get around system protections on a wide range of PCs, servers, and smartphones, allowing attackers to access data including passwords.
According to Mr. Torvalds Torvalds, Intel has added redundant junk to the patch and made the entire thing optional. Administrators actually need to opt into the patch via a software flag when booting the system. Intel’s Meltdown patch is so inefficient that rolling it out universally would cause substantial performance hits. Microsoft also paused the distribution of it’s Meltdown and Spectre patches for certain AMD processors and gradually admitted to more vulnerability-related Windows slowdowns because the updates were causing fatal errors in some machines.
After at all Intel has responded to the comments from Torvalds and said
“We take the feedback of industry partners seriously. We are actively engaging with the Linux community, including Linus, as we seek to work together on solutions.”
It’s clear the industry as a whole has been racing to fix Meltdown and Spectre.

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DJI’s Mavic Air drone has been announced with improved 4K video

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DJI’s new Mavic Air drone with improved 4K video

Mavic Air DroneFrom last 24 hours, mostly drone lovers eyes were waiting for this day. Because today DJI company has announced Mavic Air drone with improved 4K video at a special DJI event in New York City. The reseon behind the craze for this drone is it’s features that are attracting to everyone. The Mavic air drone has have four foldable legs that define it’s compactness, 32-megapixel camera with three-way gimbal, capable of recording in 4K and capable upto 60fps, 1/2.3 CMOS sensor and new Image Signal Processor (ISP) and also equipped with obstacle-avoidance sensors all over the back, front and bottom.  The other features of this drone are Visual Positioning System (VPS) for better control, hovering and indoor flying, 21-minute flight time and Gesture control system as usual. According to the company the DJI Mavic Air to be priced at $699 (Approx).

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Amazon Alexa now in your Android smartphone !!! Yeah.. You’ve heard right

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Amazon Alexa now in your Android smartphone

alexaAs you know Amazon Alexa could only used by Amazon Echo/Dot products users. But now Amazon is bringing its Alexa voice commands to Android devices. If you don’t know about Amazon Alexa, let me tell you about this thing. Alexa implies that users can speak directly to their handset to perform a number of functions such as to play music, news updates, answer questions, create lists, direction navigation etc. and trigger Alexa skills. A recent update had changed several things as compared to old version of the app and upgrade the Alexa app a fully fledged personal assistant just like Google Assistant. According to the sources that soon Amazon is also bringing the iOS support for Alexa. The Amazon Alexa wants to explore the Alexa over all most users supported platform operating system i.e. Windows, Android, iOS etc.

alexa 2
But right now, The Amazon has added some select functionality on Android devices, working directly with Huawei, HTC and Motorola manufacturers to bring it to specific devices for a better start. Also the company said that Alexa app in its current form does not support wake word functionality.

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D-Link’s AX6000 and the AX11000 Ultra Wi-Fi Routers (CES 2018)

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D-Link’s Announced AX6000 and the AX11000 Ultra Wi-Fi Routers


AX6000 and 11000


On January 8, 2018 :  D-Link announced two 802.11ax routers which is suitable for home network.
First of all we’ll talk about D-Link’s AX6000. The D-Link’s AX6000 can deliver up to 6,000Mbps of bandwidth. This router have one 5Gbps WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, a USB 3.0 port, and support for MU-MIMO and DLNA. Also, it has eight high-performance antennas for range and performance.

In the case of D-Link’s AX11000 router, this router can deliver up to 11,000Mbps of bandwidth. This router also have similer features with AX6000 i.e. one 5Gbps WAN port, four Gigabit LAN ports, a USB 3.0 port, and support for MU-MIMO and DLNA. Also, it has eight high-performance antennas for range and performance.

According to several sources the pricing has not been revealed yet. But it is estimated that the pricing could be revealed around june or july of 2018.