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NVIDIA Unveils New Quadro Series

NVIDIA With New Quadro Series Quadro GP100, P400, P600, P1000, P2000, M2000, P4000, M4000, P5000 and P6000

Quadro Series

On yesterday, NVIDIA announce a range of Quadro products that based on Pascal architecture. These card range are comes with doubled speed, capability, and flexibility features as compare to its older GPU cards ranges. These cards are capable of supporting up to 5K displays at 60Hz and transform desktop workstations into supercomputers with breakthrough capabilities for professional huge workflows.

Here we are talking about point-to-point configuration :

  • Quadro GP100 is comes with 3584 (FP32) & 1792 (FP64) Cores and 16GB Memory.
  • Quadro P400 is comes with 256 CUDA Cores and 2GB VRAM.
  • Quadro P600 is comes with 384 CUDA Cores and 2GB VRAM.
  • Quadro P1000 is comes with 640 CUDA Cores, 4GB VRAM, 256-bit memory bus and 180W TDP.
  • Quadro P2000 is comes with 1024 CUDA Cores with 1470MHz, 5GB VRAM, 160-bit memory bus and 75W TDP.
  • Quadro M2000 is comes with 768 CUDA Cores with 1180MHz, 4GB VRAM, 128-bit memory bus and 75W TDP.
  • Quadro P4000 is comes with 1792 CUDA Cores with 1480MHz, 8GB VRAM, 256-bit memory bus and 105W TDP.
  • Quadro M4000 is comes with 1664 CUDA Cores with 800MHz, 8GB VRAM, 256-bit memory bus and 120W TDP.
  • Quadro P5000 is comes with 2560 CUDA Cores with 1607MHz, 16GB VRAM with 9008 MHz, 256-bit memory bus and 180W TDP.
  • Quadro P6000 is comes with 3840 CUDA Cores with 1417MHz, 24GB VRAM with 9008 MHz, 384-bit memory bus and 250W TDP.

These new GPU cards comes with lot of benefits :

  • Create expansive visual workspaces that gives high resolution facility.
  • Build massive digital signage configurations cost effectively.
  • Unify simulation, HPC, rendering and design gives faster experience to the users.
  • Explore deep learning
  • Reap the benefits of photo realistic design
  • Incorporate VR into design and simulation workflows that gives ability to experienced complex designs at scale.

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