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Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Networks are built with a mix of computer and computer software.

Network Administrator

A network administrator is an IT expert who manages an organization’s network. A network administrator is responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading any software or required to efficiently run a computer network. The IT or computer network may extend to a local area network, wide area network, the Internet and intranets.

Systems Engineer

The System Engineer provide advice to clients regarding the appropriate or software to ensure that their computer systems meet their needs. System Engineer may also be involved in a hands-on manner during the acquisition, installation, testing, and implementation phases of the project. The System Engineer evaluates current systems for effectiveness, makes recommendations regarding the scalability of such systems, and troubleshoots any problems that arise during the use of the system. Their are many jobs for System Engineer like this.

Desktop Engineer

Desktop engineers provide support and implementation services to business infrastructures. Desktop engineers need to have extensive knowledge of the software used by the business, as well as the operating systems and peripherals that may be in use.

Junior Network Engineer

The Junior Network Engineer work is to Understands the issues involved with administering and maintaining corporate infrastructure, including network connectivity, Internet access, email, etc

Network Engineer

A network engineer is a technology professional who has the necessary skills to plan, implement and support the computer networks that support in-house voice, data, video and wireless network services.