Information Technology Terms

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Information Technology terms will give you to easy identify the information technology things. In simple words, it is a dictionary of IT terms.




Linux Commands

Type commands easily

These commands are common for all linux operating systems. Some commands may not work for latest Linux operating systems, but mostly working. So you can use these commands freely..

H, I, J, KL, M, NO, P, Q, RS, T
U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Text ManipulationUsers & GroupsView File
RPM PackagesShutdown, Logout & RestartFiles Attributes
NetworkingExtra Usable CommandsPacman Packages
MS Windows NetworkingIP TablesMonitoring & Debugging
Directories & FilesFilesystem AnalysesFilesystem Swap
APT PackagesConversions & Character setArchives and Compress
CD ROMDEB PackagesDisk Space
YUM PackagesSystem InformationFile Permit commands
Format FilesystemBackupFile Searching
Mounting System