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Intel is planning to develop 5G laptops for 2019

Intel is planning to develop 5G laptops for 2019

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As you know that Intel is a well known multinational corporation and technology company. Recently the company has submitted that their upcoming XMM 8000 modems will be integrated into several laptops from Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo by 2019. The Intel will be demonstrating a concept detachable 2-in-1 device which has an early version of a 5G modem running alongside one of the firm’s latest 8th-gen Core i5 processors. Maybe Intel is quite literally years behind Qualcomm and others on 5G, but it is expected that after 2020 the Intel could be better than Qualcomm in this field. Intel’s General Manager of 5G Advanced Technologies Mr. Rob Topol explains :

“In our [MWC] booth as well, we will have a chipset base first 5G-enabled 2-in-1 concept. We’re excited about this development, because this is a great opportunity to bring the XMM 8000 series not only as I mentioned earlier as a PC form factor, as well now into mobile and smartphone handset form factors.”

Intel will additionally use MWC to showcase a PC with 802.11ax Wi-Fi connectivity, along with modem solutions for PCs that support eSIM functionality.
He also gives an update on earlier released Intel’s D-2100 processor that delivers Intel’s most transformative and ground-breaking data center processor architecture in a form factor optimized for flexible, scalable, high-density network, storage, and cloud edge solutions. But now they can enable edge computing for 5G networks.
Further, he explains :

“This is a big step forward in providing more intelligence at the edge of the network to where more of the communication and traffic can be handled on a local basis. We do expect there to be significant growth in edge computing in the 5G era. This helps not only from a latency standpoint, but again in helping offload networks and just being more efficient with communication.”

As you know Intel is pushing 5G’s performance chops in terms of delivering high-end online gaming experiences, as well as heavyweight video streaming, and much more.

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