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Google announced new Daydream View VR headset

Google’s new Daydream View VR headset

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In last two years, the VR (Virtual Reality) headset device competition is now more interesting. Many brands announcing VRs every months. But few brands are well supported by users choices, in which Google’s VR is also included. Now with upgraded lenses and more content Google announced a new Daydream View VR headset. As you know, the first Daydream View was released in November of 2016 exclusively for the Google Pixel. After that several phones have added Daydream support since then. As a result there are now over a dozen Daydream-ready Android devices.
The latest Daydream View VR headset comes with new magnesium heatsink, in the lid, lets your phone run VR for longer without overheating. It’s revised controller has more clearly defined buttons, easier to find without looking. The custom fresnel lenses also have a larger sweet spot. It’s Revised straps fit more people and distribute weight more evenly. Now you can store the controller inside a fabric loop on the rear strap, instead of inside the lid. It’s Redesigned facepad distributes pressure more evenly on the face. Also, it has top strap adds stability and larger lenses offer roughly 10-degree wider field of view. It’s revised controller software is more accurate. Now it has better seal to prevent light leaks into the headset, particularly around the nose. According to Google, they’ll sell it for $99 a piece, slightly more than the $79 original View, and now come in “charcoal,” “fog,” and “coral” editions. Preorders open today, with the headsets launching on October 19th.

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