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Do you know ? Neutron holography technique is mostly used for obtaining 3D Atomic view of materials

Modern Neutron Holography Technique

3D Atomic viewAccording to several blogs from several sources (blogs of professional scientist, researchers, analysts, tech experts) in all over internet, in last 2 years the Neutron holography technique is mostly used for obtaining clear 3D atomic structure view of materials as compare to normal entertaining uses. But these sources also explains that soon this technology system could be normal in world wide educational areas like schools or universities.
Now here, we’ll talking about the modern days neutron holography technique. Currently, this technology is now being used to study atomic level of materials. As you know X-rays are sensitive to the number of electrons associated with an atom. This limits the use of X-rays for studying materials made up of lighter elements. But some researchers develope a new multiple-wavelength neutron holographic method using a Eu-doped CaF2 (europium-doped calcium fluoride crystals) single crystal and obtained clear 3 Dimensional atomic images around trivalent Eu substituted divalent Calcium. Overall you can says that the neutron holographic technique is well improved as compared to previous technique. To read deeply about this technology you can read a common publication “Multiple-wavelength neutron holography with pulsed neutrons ” at project by 10 scientists includes Kouichi Hayashi1, Kenji Ohoyama, Naohisa Happo, Tomohiro Matsushita, Shinya Hosokawa, Masahide Harada, Yasuhiro Inamura, Hiroaki Nitani, Toetsu Shishido and Kunio Yubuta.

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