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Dell could merge with VMware Company

VMware could buy Dell

VMware Dell

As you know the Dell company has been a privately run from 2012 to onward. But now according to CNBC reports the Dell company will no more privately. The VMware admitted that they could buy Dell in biggest tech deal ever. CNBC report admitted that Dell is exploring a “reverse merger” with VMware and it would let the resulting company go public without having to launch a new stock offering. It would also let Dell pay off some of its roughly USD $50 billion in debt. VMware shares fell nearly 13% in mid-day trading on Monday after published this story by CNBC. While Dell may also pursue a more traditional initial public offering, said the people, a reverse merger would allow the company to avoid a new public offering. The situation isn’t completely cheerful going into 2018, Dell posted a USD $941 million net loss in its latest quarter, due in part to paying off USD $1.7 billion of its debt. Dell hasn’t decided on a strategic option and is also considering several other paths forward like buying the remaining stake of VMware it doesn’t own, including an IPO, buying the remaining VMware shares it doesn’t own, or buying other unnamed companies. The CNBS report also said : If Dell were to sell itself to VMware, Dell CEO Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake would receive VMware shares that they could then sell to the public market.

Source: CNBC

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