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Cryptocurrency hackers using YouTube advertisements to target users

Hackers targeting users computers for mining

Crypto HackersAfter 2009, the cryptocurrency era is moving rapidly towards future cryptocurrency technology, new cryptocurrency created everyday, people becoming rich to poor, poor to rich everyday. But, in between these all things obviously the thieves or you can say hackers are also in the list, these hackers are always using different ideas to steal money from people everyday whether its phishing things or any malicious program.
But what happened who don’t know about cryptocurrencies, mining, all these digital currency terms ? May be some smart guys know about cryptocurrency but still don’t believe to go in digital currency zone and stay away from this network.
Mostly people don’t hate Google advertisements whether its in other website or in YouTube instead of popup or malicious ads. But what happened if Google ads in YouTube will advertise phishing URL or phishing website? Shocking huh…..!!!
Yeah… that’s true. The issue is believed to have first come to light last week when users of the Google owned video website reported that watching ads on YouTube was triggering their anti-virus software. This advertisement had contained mining code called “CoinHive” that were acting as malware attack by secretly using up to 80 per cent of visitors’ computers CPU to mine cryptocurrencies for Unknown hackers. In simple words, these idiot hackers were using your computers for mining. The Trend micro company also admitted that the hackers were making use of Google’s own DoubleClick ad network to distribute the adverts to YouTube users in select countries around the world. The script running on YouTube was used to mine Monero cryptocurrency. But now Google is more sensitive against these kind of ads and these kind of ads activity are now disabled. There are also other standard advertisement platforms that also fears about these kind of activity over advertising. In future, Google advertising network would be more strict for advertising whether its in websites or YouTube. Because every year Google updated its policies for future expandability and security.

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