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In present days, Cloud computing is a platform where almost all users or companies are depends on it. First of all you should know :

What is Cloud Computing ?

The  cloud is includes lots of remote servers that hosted on the all over internet. These remote servers are used to store, manage or access the data on internet rather than local storage. It means you can also access these services from any devices (eg. smartphones, laptab, tablet, notebook, airbook, etc) .

Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in 3rd party data centers. In simple words, it relies on sharing of resources.

Why Cloud computing is a need of a company?

Cloud Computing gives many benefits to the users and companies. The well known main benefits are Growth and Speed, Low cost high value, Less IT Staff , Storage capacity, Increase business and Technical benefits.

Growth and Speed

Increase in productivity, no need of which means speed is good , multiple users can handle at same time, it is more secure.

Low cost high value

It reduce the requirement, means no more purchase for harwares of system, which saves more money. It gives services like per month, per year etc. packages. These packages should be very low cost price level(depends on the services).

Less IT staff

It decrease the workload. It also decrease the number of IT staff. Which means no more confusion for anyone.

Storage capacity

In cloud computing, any user or any small company can buy any type of packages depends on their data.

Increase business

It is also best way to increase the business. If the requirement will be more then any kind of companies can extended it very easily. Which means no more loss for company.

Technical Benefit

The technical benefits in cloud computing are customization, implementation and many cool things in it.

Cloud Computing Models

Cloud Computing has two types of models :
1. Deployment models
2. Service Models

Deployment models

This model is a specific type of cloud environment, primarily distinguished by ownership, size, and access. Their are four types in Cloud deployment model :
1. Public Clouds
2. Private Clouds
3. Hybrid Clouds
4. Other