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5 useful things that have been invented, and by 2020 most of people will have

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5 Best Inventions Before 2020

The five inventions has been invented before January 2018. According to these invention’s spreading report – It is expected that by 2020 most of people will have these things.

1. Wrist conditioner regulates body temperature

These wrist conditioner will help to control body temperature. These gadgets could be very simple like a popular analog watch or digital watch. Obviously, these watches are fully AI featured.

2. Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery is the best invention for all giant or small e-commerce companies. Several companies are currently working on it. Security bugs are the main issue that haven’t resolved yet, that’s why it could take few more months.

3. 5G smartphones and networks

For some people in some countries these 4G LTE network is  not a new word but there are few other countries where the 4G LTE networks and devices are not available or implemented. And now, 5G technology is on its way. The 5G technology has been tested and 5G devices also releasing every months. Obviously, 5G technology will be much better than 4G LTE.

4. Edible water or Water balls: Water you can eat

Well that is very impressive invention for all humans. Currently, edible water are made up of Plants and Seaweed. These are Biodegradable in few days, just like a piece of fruit. It can be flavored and colored. It will be very easy to identify it’s freshness.  It will be a big part to remove plastic use on earth

5. Autonomous car or in simple words, Self-driving car.

These vehicle are capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input and  use a variety of techniques to detect their surroundings, such as radar, laser light, GPS, odometry or computer vision.


Check out the video of these inventions :




What is .crypt ? And how to get your .crypt infected files ?

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What is “.crypt” ?

“.crypt” is a ransomware or a malicious software. This ransomware is very dangerous, because this ransomware is used to steal your personal information and many financial information. This program is created by cyber criminals. This This particular ransom virus encrypts files and inserts contact information in a file name, for example – ____! or filename.crypt .

How to get rid of this ransomware and how to get your files ?

Remember one thing, there is no any thing in your system that will repair your files. So , you need a tool or software to remove this file and get your files back. Here, we’re are giving you some methods to remove this ransomware and get your files. To get your files try cisco’s tesla decrypt tool and install it. Or you can also download and install Shadow Explorer. These tools will help you to get your files back. If you still not get your files then you can contact us at out help portal.


How to Work with Google Spreadsheet in Google Drive ?

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In present day maximum workload of companies (Almost all) working in cloud. Because it giving thousands of benifits to the companies. It is more secure. In Cloud computing Amazon and Google taking a great place. But in present days, many companies work is done in online spreadsheet. Because in spreadsheet many users can work together from different countries, from different locations in a same spreadsheet at same time. This service not only for companies, but every person can do work in this sheet. This sheet is also called GoogleSheet.

You can do any kind of spreadsheet work with your friends, relatives or anybody. If you know, how to work with this sheet then ok. But if you don’t know , you can see all procedure given below. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be able to work in Google Spreadsheet ( GoogleSheet ).

Their are two different Gmail IDs. These ID will show you how work together.

1. Consider, this is OROSK Gmail ID.


2. Consider, this is SUNIL’s Gmail ID.


3. Now, go to OROSK Gmail ID and Click on Apps Link (right side) where all Google services are showing. Now Click on Google Drive option.



4. In Google Drive you can see many things. Here you can store upto 15GB data.



5. When you’ll click on “NEW” option, Here you can also create folders, and uploads folders and files.




6. Here you can also see the Google Sheets option Click on it.



7. Now you can work in this sheet. You can see many options like Microsoft excel sheet. You can do many things with it.



8. You can write protecting it. With the help of Write Protect option you can give permissions to many of users. When you will write protect a cell, row or area for someone, then he/she will not be able to access that cell, row or area. But he can only read it.



9. After click on write protect , you will see Set Permission option. Click on it.



10. Now click on ” FILE ” option . Here you can see many option, if you wanna publish it on the web then Click on Publish on web.



11. You can see how would you like to publish it.




12. If you want to work in collaboration (Together), the Click on “FILE” then Click on Email collaboration.




13. Now add Gmail ids that you want to work with.




14. The Link will be sent to other users.




15. When the other user will open that mail. It’ll looks like this , as shown below




16. Now other user will open that mail and he will go directly to google sheets. But when he will close that file then he can also access that file via google drive. But he can easily find that file in Recent link as shown below in picture :




17. You can also modify this sheet.






Don’t submit your website everywhere for Safety !

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In present days, every webmaster wants increase user traffic in their website. So to increase or gain visitors , they use SEO strategy. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they do many types of things. Website submissions in search engine is also a part of SEO. In this system, webmaster fetch urls in some search engines which includes Google, Bing , Yandex and many more. But in present days, some guys made a online programs. This online program automatically submit website in multiple search engines in few seconds or minutes. These are two types, one is free and other one is paid. Both should be risky.

How It’s risky ?

When user join this program , then program send search engine confirmation links to users to confirm or verify that link.

confirm button

When user click on that link. It means , user give full access to that program for webmaster tool. When it happens then program can be decrease website level. So it will effect your website page rank , website traffic and may more. Remember for organic traffic automatically activity should be bad effective for any website.

So how to Submit website in Search Engines to increase more traffic

It is easy. If you manually submit in Google , Bing and Yandex then it is enough for search engine submission. Because More than 95% user traffic comes from these search engines.



How to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu in one PC ?

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Windows Ubuntu

First of All you should know that Windows and Linux are opposite to each other. Windows is Always a Paid but maximum people use pirated or cracked windows. Where as the some of the linux flavours are free and many of people use linux. Some people install two operating system in their pc. Like windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10, Windows server and Windows 10, and many combinations. But some people are intrested to install Windows and Linux. But those guys who using Windows + Linux dual installation or booting, facing many troubles like lost their whole data in hard disk. Where as Other OS combinations are easy to install.

Here we’ll show you dual booting of Windows and Ubuntu step by step with screenshots. Here we are installing Ubuntu in Windows 7. So lets start with windows.

link, If you don’t wanna lose your data in windows during booting then follow these steps..

Make Sure you have Free Space (Not unallocated)

Disk Management

* First of all go to My computer > right click > manage > Disk Management. Make sure you have free space (As shown in picture).
If you have not free space , you have only unallocated space:
When you’ll install ubuntu in this unallocated space then it will erase your whole data in your drive. That’s why we need free space. If their will be free space, It will nor erase your data from your drive. 20GB-40GB maximum free space is enough for you.

So let’s start the beggining of installation of Ubuntu :

CD Boot


* Insert the Ubuntu CD into your CD-ROM drive.
* Reboot your PC and press F2, F12, Delete, or ESC. Select “boot from CD”. If it will boot without pressing any keys then it’s OK ( it means CD booting is by default in it).
* Proceed with installation until you are asked this question: ” How do you want to partition the disk? ”

Select OS

* Choose Something else.

Select For Partition

* As before, we left space for Ubuntu, install it to that and then follow the rest of the steps.

Give Partition

* Edit Partition , 20000 – 30000 is enough.
* Free space will be show you.

Created Free Space

* Click on “Install Now” .
* Continue on to Finishing Ubuntu Installation.
After installation of Ubuntu you can access all same files from both OS.



If you are running anything on windows and suddenly you press power button. Then You won’t be able to open Ubuntu. So, you have to open windows first then shutdown it. Then you can access Ubuntu.