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Cake : A new web browser has been released with cool features

Cake web browser with cool features

Cake browser

There might be several web browsers in app stores but it is expected that the Cake browser could be more popular like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Because, the browser has cool features and quick load system. The Cake Web Browser app has just been released in the Google Play Store. It’s the product of a startup called Cake, founded in 2016, but now its going to be most highlighted web browser. Cake Technologies has raised $5 million to expand its business and tackle a very ambitious goal; stealing market share off internet browsers Chrome and Safari. Cake browser is heavily focused towards swipe search. When you input a search query, the browser immediately loads the top search result. When you swipe to the right, you can easily go through the top results, and pages continue to load as you get there. Also, it simultaneously loads other search results in the background, a built-in ad-blocker (a ads blocking program) and an incognito mode included . Currently, the app may not supported in few devices because of old android or iOS version. It is supposed that the browser could be little buggy in starting builds. If you are already using this app from play store the what are your review about this browser, you can write in comment box.

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