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Intel is planning to develop 5G laptops for 2019

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Intel is planning to develop 5G laptops for 2019

intel 5g

As you know that Intel is a well known multinational corporation and technology company. Recently the company has submitted that their upcoming XMM 8000 modems will be integrated into several laptops from Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Lenovo by 2019. The Intel will be demonstrating a concept detachable 2-in-1 device which has an early version of a 5G modem running alongside one of the firm’s latest 8th-gen Core i5 processors. Maybe Intel is quite literally years behind Qualcomm and others on 5G, but it is expected that after 2020 the Intel could be better than Qualcomm in this field. Intel’s General Manager of 5G Advanced Technologies Mr. Rob Topol explains :

“In our [MWC] booth as well, we will have a chipset base first 5G-enabled 2-in-1 concept. We’re excited about this development, because this is a great opportunity to bring the XMM 8000 series not only as I mentioned earlier as a PC form factor, as well now into mobile and smartphone handset form factors.”

Intel will additionally use MWC to showcase a PC with 802.11ax Wi-Fi connectivity, along with modem solutions for PCs that support eSIM functionality.
He also gives an update on earlier released Intel’s D-2100 processor that delivers Intel’s most transformative and ground-breaking data center processor architecture in a form factor optimized for flexible, scalable, high-density network, storage, and cloud edge solutions. But now they can enable edge computing for 5G networks.
Further, he explains :

“This is a big step forward in providing more intelligence at the edge of the network to where more of the communication and traffic can be handled on a local basis. We do expect there to be significant growth in edge computing in the 5G era. This helps not only from a latency standpoint, but again in helping offload networks and just being more efficient with communication.”

As you know Intel is pushing 5G’s performance chops in terms of delivering high-end online gaming experiences, as well as heavyweight video streaming, and much more.

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Panasonic and Trend Micro together to secure autonomous and connected cars

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Panasonic and Trend Micro together to prevent cyber attacks

Autonomous car security

Currently, the autonomous cars technology is at initial stage. To prevent future issue regarding hacking or stealing these cars cyber attacks, Panasonic and Trend Micro will jointly develop cyber security system. As you know, the Trend Micro is well known multinational cyber security and defense company while Panasonic is a multinational electronics corporation. In these partnership program, Panasonic’s technology will be able to detect any unauthorized commands sent to ECUs that control driving operation while Trend micro will be implemented on IVI devices such as automotive navigation systems to detect attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities through the internet. According to both companies the events identified by their technologies will be collected manageably and sent to an analysis platform in the cloud to detect and block suspicious traffic. According to the reports these companies could be launch this system around year 2020. The experts explains that after 2020 the autonomous car business could increase very fast because now lots of companies are working over autonomous vehicles. Also, there could be few companies by 2022 that’ll work on boring under ground for autonomous vehicles. Elon musk’s “the Boring Company” is also working on this project but it could be multipurpose (autonomous or other vehicle) use.

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Humans could be immortal by the year 2050, expert says

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Immortal Humans by 2050

AI Immortal Human

We can’t ignore fastest growing technology in modern days. There are only two ways choose the modern world with fastest growing technology or choose a completely technology-less life. Recently, world’s leading futurologist who claims people born after 1970 could live forever. There is a one of futurist” Dr. Ian Pearson who claims that human beings are very close to achieving immortality in a number of different ways, but only if you can make it to the year 2050. He said :

“Most people on middle-class incomes and reasonable working-class incomes can probably afford this in the 2060s. So anyone 90 or under by 2060.”

The reason behind to live forever will come from advances in technologies like genetic engineering and computer simulations. He further added :

“There are quite a lot of people interested in living forever. There always has been, but the difference now is tech is improving so quickly, lots of people believe they can actually do it. No one wants to live forever at 95 years old, but if you could rejuvenate the body to 29 or 30, you might want to do that.”

He also explain that in the future it will be possible to renew body parts that have given out or have your consciousness transferred into a Matrix-like virtual world.
According to us, these kind of immortality AI technology should not be used. If these immortality programs will be active withing 20 years before human settlement in Mars, then it could be worst for the Earth. If the human productivity will be controlled with these programs then it could be successful.

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Qualcomm releases 7nm Snapdragon X24 LTE modem

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Qualcomm announced Snapdragon X24 LTE modem

Qualcomm x24

Recently, Qualcomm Technologies announced next generation LTE modem “Snapdragon LTE X24” that can attain a download speed of up to 2 Giga-bits-per-second (Gbps). On the part of uplink support, it has three carrier aggregation at a frequency of 20MHz, two LTE streams at maximum speeds of 106Mbps, up to 256-QAM and maximum upload speed of 316Mbps. The modem has been manufactured using a 7nm FinFET process, which is a first. It supports up to seven carrier aggregation and 4×4 MIMO antenna arrays on up to five aggregated LTE carriers, which allow for a theoretical maximum of 20 concurrent LTE streams. This modem allow smartphones to connect to the entire range of 4G spectrum bands which can increase the overall connectivity over and above the present benchmark. There is also full-dimension Multi-Input Multi-Output (FD-MIMO) to give way to carriers to start sending their 5G signals. It is confirmed that this modem is a future-ready modem – setting the ground for 5G connectivity. According to company, now their mostly focus is on futures technology products. As you know the IoT (Internet of Things) network is increasing and advanced gadgets announcing everyday. Obviously, these all advanced things need a good internet connection, that required advanced modems.

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US intelligence agencies have warned to not use Huawei and ZTE products

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US intelligence agencies have warned to stop use of Huawei and ZTE products

Banned Companies ZTE and HUAWEI

Recently, six major US intelligence agencies includes CIA, NSA, FBI and other three have warned their citizens to stop use of Huawei and ZTE products. As you now Huawei and ZTE are Telecommunications equipment company that serve their product globally.
Well, this is not first time warning for their citizens by US Government intelligence agencies. The CNBC in it’s report said : The US intelligence community has long been cautious of Huawei. According to the politicians of US, it is effectively an arm of the Chinese government. So in year 2014, these chinese company bidding over US government contracts were banned that creating problems for consumer electronics of these companies. FBI Director Chris Wray said :

“We’re deeply concerned about the risks of allowing any company or entity that is beholden to foreign governments that don’t share our values to gain positions of power inside our telecommunications networks. That provides the capacity to exert pressure or control over our telecommunications infrastructure. It provides the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information. And it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage.”

Huawei CEO Richard Yu went off-script at the end of his CES keynote to share his disappointment at the missed opportunities – for consumers, carriers and Huawei alike – since the deals were reject as invalid.

Source : CNBC

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Apple’s latest iOS update for battery will fix the slowing down of iPhone

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Apple’s latest iOS update for battery

Battery Health
From last year, Apple company was facing iPhone slowing down issue due to older batteries. After previous iOS 10.2.1 update (released in January 2017), the company cannot defend against accusations about older iPhones that being slowed down. But after iOS 10.2.1 update the company has also submit their official apology and promised to user for better update.
Now company has released an update, but this is not the finalized update and may contain bugs, which could just be a nuisance or potentially cause data loss. Currently this update of iOS 11.3, the battery health indicator will let users toggle throttling on or off if they wish, though the company stands by its reasoning that slowing down performance might actually be beneficial for aging phones. Apple’s spokesperson Cynthia Hogan said :

“With the update, iOS dynamically manages the maximum performance of some system components when needed to prevent a shutdown. While these changes may go unnoticed, in some cases users may experience longer launch times for apps and other reductions in performance”.

To test out iOS 11.3, tapping through Setting > Battery > Battery Health (Beta).
Inside of this menu you’ll find: “Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance Capability.” That depends on you. Newer devices are expected to exhibit 100% capacity, which should decrease not more than 80%.

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No need of password to login in Windows 10

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No  password to login in Windows 10

Windows 10 password
It sounds like a insecure Windows…Right? Well, insecurity without password is just a rumor, because with their latest Insider preview release, build 17093, relies on the Authenticator app on Android and iOS to render passwords a thing of the past. Windows S, which was recently turned from a fully fledged OS to a Windows 10 mode, is planning to leverage the advances in alternatives to traditional passwords which merge in this Windows 10 build 17093 under the Windows Hello banner, to make the experience more secure.

According to the Microsoft :

“With the changes in this build, your Windows 10 S PC will automatically make your experience password-free. You will notice that if you have Windows Hello set up, you won’t see passwords anywhere in the Windows experience – not on the unlock screen nor in Sign-in options.”

It is expected that Microsoft could also add these features to there upcoming operating system releases and adding more advanced security.

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5 useful things that have been invented, and by 2020 most of people will have

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5 Best Inventions Before 2020

The five inventions has been invented before January 2018. According to these invention’s spreading report – It is expected that by 2020 most of people will have these things.

1. Wrist conditioner regulates body temperature

These wrist conditioner will help to control body temperature. These gadgets could be very simple like a popular analog watch or digital watch. Obviously, these watches are fully AI featured.

2. Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery is the best invention for all giant or small e-commerce companies. Several companies are currently working on it. Security bugs are the main issue that haven’t resolved yet, that’s why it could take few more months.

3. 5G smartphones and networks

For some people in some countries these 4G LTE network is  not a new word but there are few other countries where the 4G LTE networks and devices are not available or implemented. And now, 5G technology is on its way. The 5G technology has been tested and 5G devices also releasing every months. Obviously, 5G technology will be much better than 4G LTE.

4. Edible water or Water balls: Water you can eat

Well that is very impressive invention for all humans. Currently, edible water are made up of Plants and Seaweed. These are Biodegradable in few days, just like a piece of fruit. It can be flavored and colored. It will be very easy to identify it’s freshness.  It will be a big part to remove plastic use on earth

5. Autonomous car or in simple words, Self-driving car.

These vehicle are capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input and  use a variety of techniques to detect their surroundings, such as radar, laser light, GPS, odometry or computer vision.


Check out the video of these inventions :



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Now Symantec will provide Web Security Service to Azure and Office 365

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Symantec Web Security Service to Azure and Office 365

Symantec Web Security Service

Yesterday, Symantec partnering with Microsoft to bring its Symantec Web Security Service to Azure and Office 365. The company believes this will make it easier for people to adopt a hybrid cloud infrastructure and can proactively protect themselves against cyber threats. Because, it integrates with various MDM (mobile device management) solutions and authentication systems, and is capable of checking user content for data loss prevention purposes, with compliance controls. Symantec senior vice president and CIO Sheila Jordan said :

“Symantec and Microsoft continue to share a commitment to online security. Through our efforts, we are bringing world class security solutions to Azure to help customers realize the speed, flexibility and capacity of cloud computing while staying protected against today’s evolving threats.”

Executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group Scott Guthrie further said :

“The collaboration between Microsoft and Symantec brings together advanced network security and intelligent cloud infrastructure, Symantec’s full suite of security and compliance controls complement our broad set of Azure security solutions to provide customers with an ideal, trusted cloud platform.”

It is also expected that, the Microsoft company could get Symantec’s Web Security Service for there upcoming cloud platform projects. Because, currently Symantec company is the only company that giving its services to mostly active projects of various organizations.

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For Best Cloud solutions Mphasis partners with HPE’s Cloud28+

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Mphasis partners with HPE’s Cloud28+

HPE Cloud 28 Mphasis

In these days, mostly companies are trying to give best services to clients through their cloud services. Recently, Mphasis is one of them that partners with HPE’s (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Cloud28+ services. As you know Cloud28+ is a worldwide cloud computing services marketplace and federation of cloud computing organizations driven by HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise). Currently, the Cloud28+ is providing an online platform for Mphasis’ specific solutions and services in the cloud market place. Usually the main purpose of Cloud28+ is to provide access to an extensive cloud services catalog. These services contains several professional services, deployable apps, LaaS – PaaS – SaaS offerings and other cloud software. The custom service aggregator that federates offerings and partners linked to customer’s industry or specific use cases while a go-to-market accelerator will allow new go-to-market opportunities and return on investment for digital products and services. President of HPE Business Unit at Mphasis company Mr. Elango R said :

“Mphasis is thrilled to join Cloud28+’s trusted community to accelerate our X2C2TM framework that combines a unique formula of integrated cloud and cognitive technologies, providing agile digital innovation for our customers. This partnership enables a collaborative approach as we can showcase our deep domain expertise through our hyperpersonalized services and offerings. By leveraging Cloud28+’s unique online platform, we’re able to establish new partnerships and build customer relations.”

Vice President of Cloud28+ and Service Providers Worldwide Mr. Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps further exlains :

“Central to Cloud28+ is our focus on enabling learning and connections between customers and partners.Having Mphasis’ cloud and cognitive offerings, as well as their active participation in the community, will only enhance our ecosystem and ability to help people easily find the right, trusted solutions to match their business needs.”

It is also expacted in future, that Cloud28+ could be strongest cloud service provider that also include future technologies.

Source Mphasis through prnewswire