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OROSK.com is a website of information technology education. This website is created by Sunil Kumar. The full name of OROSK is Origin of Open Source Knowledge .  OROSK.com is specially made for improve information technology skills. In this website all the notes are created by its administrator/Owner. Administrator/Owner collects several types of Information Technology blogs, notes or other information and presented in user friendly format. This website is also featured with networking notes, software information, hardware information, technology encyclopedia, technology news, internet of things, big data tutorials and various types of technologies. 

About founder of OROSK

Sunil Kumar is the founder of OROSK. He create this website to give free education or information related to technology. The mail goal of Sunil Kumar is to introduce the Past/Present/Future technologies for people.

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As part of our mission to index and organize the technology education stuff that has been legally posted on the Internet, Project OROSK.com is committed to copyright protection. In our website all content are legally and owner copyrighted materials. We have no 3rd party content because we use our own created/edited content. This website is include all content related to technology those are created by it’s Administrator/Owner of this website. We have published all the information after discussing, thinking, analyzing and practically working. If anyone think that the published content relate with another website they can contact with us. Coincidentally, there may be some similarity between our content and other website content because some terms still can’t be define in another way, but it doesn’t mean that the content is copyrighted by others.


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We are Not use Third Party Contents, We have Huge data and all data is published by us.
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