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A Big issue in Intel processor for Linux, Windows and MacOS

Bug in Intel processor

Intel bug

Right now Intel’s processor bug is in headline. According to all tech sources the Intel’s processor is facing Kernel memory leaking issue that forces Linux, Windows and MacOS redesign. This bug could decrease the system performance upto 30% and this bug cannot be simply remove with a microcode update. According to “The Register” information it appears the flaw is based in a feature called “speculative execution.” This trick allows a processor to do things before it’s absolutely sure they need to be done, so the results are ready as quickly as possible if needed and simply ignored if not. They also explain that patches for the Linux kernel are available for all to see but comments in the source code have been redacted to obfuscate the issue while an embargo on the specifics is due to lift early this month, perhaps in time for Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday next week. In the case of macOS, it also need to be updated because the bug appears a microcode update can’t address it.

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