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A 20 Year old guy was behind massive hacking attack at Uber

A 20 Year old guy was behind massive hacking attack at Uber


If you remember last year incident, a unidentified hacker was paid by Uber with amount $100000 to keep data breach a secret through a bug bounty program.
As you know Uber is a world number one transportation technology company. This company already serving several countries with their services cabs, and other programs. But from last few months Uber is also facing lot of issues regarding there data stolen controversies. The stolen data was the personal data of 57 million passengers and 600,000 drivers….too much !!! The hacker was identified as a 20 year old guy from Florida. To prevent all future problems the company then paid the hacker $100,000 to destroy the information, But the company did not reveal any details about the hacker or how it paid him the money.
According to Reuters, Uber fired its chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, and a deputy, attorney Craig Clark, over their roles in the incident. And last week, three more top managers in Uber’s security unit resigned. One of them, physical security chief Jeff Jones, later told others he would have left anyway.
But after at all, Uber may also have broken a promise made in a Federal Trade Commission settlement not to mislead users about data privacy and security.

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