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5 useful things that have been invented, and by 2020 most of people will have

5 Best Inventions Before 2020

The five inventions has been invented before January 2018. According to these invention’s spreading report – It is expected that by 2020 most of people will have these things.

1. Wrist conditioner regulates body temperature

These wrist conditioner will help to control body temperature. These gadgets could be very simple like a popular analog watch or digital watch. Obviously, these watches are fully AI featured.

2. Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery is the best invention for all giant or small e-commerce companies. Several companies are currently working on it. Security bugs are the main issue that haven’t resolved yet, that’s why it could take few more months.

3. 5G smartphones and networks

For some people in some countries these 4G LTE network is  not a new word but there are few other countries where the 4G LTE networks and devices are not available or implemented. And now, 5G technology is on its way. The 5G technology has been tested and 5G devices also releasing every months. Obviously, 5G technology will be much better than 4G LTE.

4. Edible water or Water balls: Water you can eat

Well that is very impressive invention for all humans. Currently, edible water are made up of Plants and Seaweed. These are Biodegradable in few days, just like a piece of fruit. It can be flavored and colored. It will be very easy to identify it’s freshness.  It will be a big part to remove plastic use on earth

5. Autonomous car or in simple words, Self-driving car.

These vehicle are capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input and  use a variety of techniques to detect their surroundings, such as radar, laser light, GPS, odometry or computer vision.


Check out the video of these inventions :



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