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Panasonic and Trend Micro together to secure autonomous and connected cars

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Panasonic and Trend Micro together to prevent cyber attacks

Autonomous car security

Currently, the autonomous cars technology is at initial stage. To prevent future issue regarding hacking or stealing these cars cyber attacks, Panasonic and Trend Micro will jointly develop cyber security system. As you know, the Trend Micro is well known multinational cyber security and defense company while Panasonic is a multinational electronics corporation. In these partnership program, Panasonic’s technology will be able to detect any unauthorized commands sent to ECUs that control driving operation while Trend micro will be implemented on IVI devices such as automotive navigation systems to detect attacks that seek to exploit vulnerabilities through the internet. According to both companies the events identified by their technologies will be collected manageably and sent to an analysis platform in the cloud to detect and block suspicious traffic. According to the reports these companies could be launch this system around year 2020. The experts explains that after 2020 the autonomous car business could increase very fast because now lots of companies are working over autonomous vehicles. Also, there could be few companies by 2022 that’ll work on boring under ground for autonomous vehicles. Elon musk’s “the Boring Company” is also working on this project but it could be multipurpose (autonomous or other vehicle) use.