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To increase sales, Panasonic is offering touchscreen kiosks

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Panasonic is offering touchscreen kiosks

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Nowadays, Panasonic company is fully focus to provide service of Pyramid Computer solutions company’s interactive touchscreen kiosks to strengthen its omni-channel retail solutions. As you know the Panasonic omnichannel retail provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience with their products whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store. The Pyramid Computer’s interactive touchscreen kiosks service can be used for a variety of application areas such as product presentations, self-checkouts and information terminals.
General manager of engineering and project management at Panasonic Computer Product Solutions Europe Mr. Robert Blowers explain :

“With customers rapidly changing their buyer behavior to use multiple shopping channels during purchases, including traditional stores, mobile devices, online and the growing trend in self-service, new technology solutions are required to facilitate this omnichannel retail era,” .

It is clear that the company could give more better service in future. Because they are already started working on sale technology. The Robert Blowers further said :

“The combination of Toughbook mobile devices and POS solutions, along with the complementary products from Pyramid enables retailers to deliver customers and staff an effective, easy-to-use and consistent technology experience whether it’s taking orders on the move, serving at a till or self-serving at a kiosk in-store.”

Obviously, there are full chances of this company that will be most active for their product in future. It is also expected that it could cover mostly countries with this system in upcoming years.