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Google has launched Gmail Go app

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Google has¬†announced “Gmail Go” app


Gmail Go


Almost every android user know about Gmail app. Most of people, use this Gmail app in daily requirement bases (e.g. Office, projects, education, multipurpose company communications etc.). But there are also some users who have lightweight operating system android phones. Obviously, Gmail comes by default in android phones, but Gmail app is acquired too much space in these light or cheapest android phones because of few Mega bytes of memory. May be there are several apps with higher size for these lightweight operating system android phones that makes it very slower. But Google always take care of their user’s choice and like to provide a better services. To prevent future problems in lightweight operating system android phones, the Google announces “Gmail Go” app that required few space (almost half of standard Gmail app size). Maybe some people think it is worthless app. But, let me show you an example of few persons in almost all countries that’ll prove it worthy :
A student belongs to a poor family. Obviously, in modern world a phone is recommended for every family. They have a very lightweight operating system android phone with 250MB ram and few disk space. As you know, half of memory is acquired by default apps and in remaining space, he need more app that could help him in everyday life e.g. Education things, or other recommended things.
In future, Google could replace this “Gmail Go” default instead of Standard size Gmail app in upcoming lightweight operating system android phones. What you think about this app release ? you can give it a great review.