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Now Linux users can also use Skype as a snap

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Now Skype is available for Linux


Recently the Canonical company has announced that Microsoft’s Skype is now available as a snap, the universal Linux app packaging format. This app will work on includes Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Linux Mint, Manjaro, OpenSUSE, Solus, and Ubuntu distributions going forward. As you know, Skype, Skype is a Microsoft application that lets users make video and voice calls, and send files, video and instant messages. Skype-to-Skype calls are free anywhere in the world. Premium features like voicemail, SMS texts, or calls to landlines and cellphones carry a cost. With snap, you can work securely within any Linux environment across desktop, the cloud and IoT devices. There are thousands of snaps launched since 2016. With this release, it has roll-back features, plus security benefits, allowing greater flexibility for developers on the one hand, and a more seamless experience for users on the other. For these distributions, Skype’s Senior Software Engineer Jonas Tajrych said :

“Skype has been enabling the world’s conversations for over ten years. We want to be able to deliver the same high quality experience on Linux as we do on other platforms. Snaps allow us to do just that, by giving us the ability to push the latest features straight to our users, no matter what device or distribution they happen to use.”

And Devices and IoT at Canonical’s Vice President Mr. Jamie Bennett said :

“We’re delighted to welcome Skype to the snaps ecosystem. Skype, and the ever growing number of snaps it joins, looks to put the Linux user first, allowing them to enjoy the latest versions upon release and provide a wider range of applications for users to choose from.”

If you are Linux user then don’t hesitate to get this app from official source snapcraft.io. Current version of this app is 8.14 with 159.5 MB size.